We all define "productivity" a little differently.

For me, productivity = efficiency + accuracy

At work, this might mean using the "Data Validation" tool in Excel or Google Sheets so mistakes are physically impossible (if you type in something not in the drop-down menu, you're met with an error message)

In life, this might mean coming up with systems and processes that reduce the friction of building healthy habits (using a pretty Notion Agenda Template to start my day for example)

πŸ’Ό Productivity in the Workplace

I have an entire Youtube playlist that help you become more productive at work. Especially useful if your company uses Google Workspace

Helpful templates for work

πŸƒ Be Productive at Life

If there's one system to adopt that will change your life, it's the Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen

I personally use a combination of Todoist, Notion, and Google Calendar to Get Things Done but the apps themselves rarely matter, as long you stick to the core principles you'll be fine

If you can't bother to read the book, check out my Youtube videos on Being Productive at Life where I share practical instructions that will hopefully make a difference to your life

Useful templates for life

My Notion templates

(πŸ’‘ pro tip: bookmark this URL to see all my Notion templates in a single view)