🔍 Job Search

The "explain like I'm five" version of landing a job goes something like this:

  1. Network your butt off to get your foot in the door
  2. Get someone to vouch for you and pass your cover letter and resume along to the hiring manager and/or recruiter
  3. Pass the interviews


1. Cover Letter

Your cover letter should be interesting enough for the reader to want to look over your resume (NOT the other way around)

2. Resume

Effective resumes don't have to be boring

3. Networking

If you're a student, take FULL ADVANTAGE of your College Alumni Database (most colleges have one, check with your career center)

If you're a working professional, use your alumni database AND keep up with individuals working in fields you're interested in

Here are some thoughtful questions you want to ask in your next informational interview / coffee chat:

4. LinkedIn

Yup, I respect LinkedIn enough to dedicate an entire section to this powerful networking platform.

Open up your LinkedIn profile and follow along 👇🏻

5. Interview Questions and Answers

I break down all the common interview questions; applicable to all industries

📑 My Job Search Templates

  • Cover Letter Template (link)
  • Resume Template (link)
  • Networking Spreadsheet (link)