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It's not about getting more done at any cost. It’s about doing more of what matters to you.

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  • Insanely actionable, bite-sized tips: Read. Apply. Save time.
  • Google Gemini Focus: Explore practical Gemini tips and tricks to automate your workflow.
  • Tailored to your needs: Filter previous tips according to the applications you use the most.

Join working professionals around the world - including Googlers themselves - and save an average of 4.2 hours a week with our practical tips!

What readers are saying

Shawn M. Levin Director, Comcast

The Productivity Ping is one of my favorite newsletters and is a game changer. It provides one bite-sized productivity tip and keyboard shortcut each week.

I appreciate the organization of the newsletter. Jeff organizes it by describing a use case, providing instructions, and then visualizing the tip through screenshots and a gif walkthrough. I mean, who does that?

Noemi San Emeterio Huang Education and Events Director

Jeff's Productivity Ping is one of my favorite newsletters. I'm an avid Google Workspace user, but there are always new things to learn to make the most out of Google products.

I also enjoy the way Jeff explains things in a didactic and entertaining manner. It's very inspiring, and I sometimes refer back to his style when explaining things to other people. I'm also a big fan of the "shortcuts of the week" section, it's a very easy way to slowly incorporate them into my routine.

Andrew Fraser Shop Manager, Irving Shipbuilding

I've been a subscriber to the Productivity Ping for many months. Jeffs newsletter has been a welcome +1 to my inbox and there's always something to take away and apply to my own team of leaders.

If your looking for something that cuts like a hot knife through the noise and straight to the actionable improvement ideas, I recommend adding Jeff to your arsenal.

Patryk Leszczyński B2B Marketing Manager

There's a big misconception about productivity:

You don't have to implement complex productivity systems to become efficient at work and in life.

Sometimes all you need is just one easy-to-implement tip or best practice to immediately experience massive results.

That's exactly what Jeff delivers in his newsletter, "Productivity Ping!"

Nick Drzayich Co-Founder, Cover Pest

His productivity ping newsletter is one of the very few email subscriptions that has survived several rounds of “subscription purges” and continues to be one of my favorite emails.

I’m serious.

Akash Bhattacharya Product Maintenance Manager, Ericsson

I've been following Jeff's productivity Ping newsletter for quite some time, and it has helped me to improve my day-to-day productivity operations.

A longtime follower of his Youtube videos, I see the recent usage of "labelling feature with gmail" has been my most impacting tip. Jeff should be included in Google's marketing team to simplify their feature presentations.

Gareth ConnerPresident, Off-the-shelf

Jeff’s Productivity Ping newsletter is a fantastic resource for anyone steeped in the Google Apps ecosystem. It’s a bit like having the director’s cut of Google’s release notes personally delivered to your inbox, but better.

I’m amazed at how many powerful features I’ve left unnoticed before I stumbled onto Jeff’s content. Not only do I consistently learn tips and tricks for how to use Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, GMail, Calendar more efficiently, Jeff boils down the information concisely with just the right amount of humor.

Jim Shingler Director, Silicon Valley Bank

If you haven't subscribed yet, do it now. The Productivity Ping newsletter has been a great source of ideas, techniques, and inspiration.

I first got hooked on the Inbox Zero information. I had tried it several times but it just didn't work. The way Jeff explained it, the setup, and the process just made so much sense. I enjoy learning new ways to optimize my workflow.

Esha Shah Product @KPMG

As someone who has benefited from Jeff's Productivity Ping newsletter, I recommend this resource to anyone looking to be more productive at work or school.

This newsletter contains helpful tips and detailed steps, which have impressed my colleagues and motivated the organization to become more efficient. Therefore, it's an excellent newsletter for those who want to improve their work quality and spend less time doing low-impact tasks!

Gavin Scott-Miller Director of Operations, Zoë

I have subscribed to Jeff's Productivity Ping newsletter for a while now. It's an incredibly helpful resource with information that I've taken and immediately converted into actionable steps to help push our organization further. It's great for those who are just learning about technology & productivity, as well as experts in their field.

Thibault M. Founder, La Potion d'Intégration

I really enjoy your newsletter because it's SHORT, to the point, and the explanations are clear.

I appreciate immediately knowing if this or that part is for me (I don't use google workspace), and the funny templates always make me laugh.