Search for Muted Threads in Gmail

Search for Muted Threads in Gmail

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🌟 Tip of the week - Find email threads you have previously "muted"

If you're anything like me, you sometimes get annoyed at long email threads where people just love to hit "Reply All" (if my colleagues are reading this, I'm...clearly not talking about you ❤️)

  1. You can keep the thread from popping back into your inbox unless YOUR EMAIL is specifically mentioned by "muting" the thread
  2. You can press the 3 dots above the email and click "Mute"
  3. 💡 If you need to reference them again, you can then SEARCH for those muted threads by typing "is:muted" in the Gmail search bar!

(click here for the full gif walkthrough)

⌨️ Keyboard shortcut

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