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Gemini: The Chrome trick no-one told you about

If you were to type “@gemini” in your Chrome address bar right now and press <TAB>, I bet nothing happens.

But when I do it:


Enabling “@gemini” in the Chrome Omnibox

(and yes, Google literally calls the address bar in Chrome “Omnibox” lol)

  1. Head on over to “chrome://flags/”
  2. Enable the “Expansion pack for the Site search starter pack” flag
  3. Restart your browser and type "@gemini" followed by tab in the Omnibox. That's it!
Pro tip: You can use “@bookmark” and “@history” to search for bookmarked URLs and your browser history respectively

⌨️ Keyboard shortcut

  • Press “CMD / CTRL + L” on any website to bring your cursor to the Chrome Omnibox directly

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