Use Action Verbs when capturing to-do's

Use Action Verbs when capturing to-do's

🌟 Tip of the week - Capture Ideas starting with an "Action" verb

If you've read David Allen's best-selling book "Getting Things Done", you know that it's best to capture ideas the instant they flow into our brain (if you haven't, feel free to watch my video instead)

Regardless of what to-do app you use, it's best to start your idea or thought with an action verb when typing it out

You might remember you need to BUY toilet paper if you just type out "toilet paper" but "Remind John to send me the revenue data" is infinitely more meaningful than something like "revenue data" (trust me, I've confused myself many times before)

(view in browser for full gif walkthrough)

⌨️ Keyboard shortcut - "A" to Add Task to Top of Todoist List

If you're using the Todoist app on a computer, you can type capital "A" to add a task to the TOP of the list, or lowercase "a" to add an item to the BOTTOM of the list


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