Productivity Ping #10 - Google Chrome Power Tip
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Productivity Ping #10 - Google Chrome Power Tip

Productivity Ping #10 - Google Chrome Power Tip

šŸŒŸ Tip of the week - Power Tip for Google Chrome

It's painful if you want to re-visit a site, but you can't just seem to find it. Yes, browser history can help but what if you KNOW the site domain but can't find the specific page?

Within Chrome History, you can click the 3 dots and click "More from this site" to see all the pages from that domain specifically! Very useful if you can't remember the title of an article šŸ˜‰

(click here for a gif walkthrough)

āŒØļø Keyboard shortcut - Show History Page

Mac: āŒ˜+Y

Windows: Ctrl+h


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