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Create Status Columns in Google Docs

🤔 What is it?

  • Easily show the status of an action item using the latest “Dropdown Button” feature within Google Docs!
How a simple project status table looks like in Google Docs

🤷🏻 When should I use this?

  1. If you’re using Google Docs to document a project or campaign, insert a table on the first page and use that as a “Project Status” tracker
  2. The 3 columns I always add are:
    - Action Item
    - Deadline
    - Status

*Note: You can also add an “owner” column if it’s a shared Google Doc and there are multiple people working on this project

📸 Instructions

Start by using the "table" smart chip
Then use the new "Dropdown" smart chip in the Status column
You can even re-order the rows in this table!

⌨️ Keyboard shortcut

  • Command + Shift + 9 to quickly create a Checklist in Google Docs (Ctrl + Shift + 9 for Windows)

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