Formatting Hacks in Notion

Formatting Hacks in Notion

🌟 Tip of the week - Stop using "backspace" in Notion

Ever wanted to indent a bullet point underneath a numbered list or under a checkbox in Notion?

Try this next time:

  1. Start a numbered list
  2. Press "Enter" to jump to to Number 2.
  3. Press "-" followed by the Spacebar (instead of pressing backspace and "-")

And this little trick works for ALL formats (for example if you want to turn a checkbox into a bullet point directly)

(click here for full gif walkthrough)

⌨️ Keyboard shortcut - Bring up "Quick Search" in Notion

Quickly search your entire Notion database by using CMD+P or CTRL+P on Windows

If you enjoyed these tips, watch out for a Notion Tips video dropping next week 😉


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