Productivity Ping #5 - Custom Search Engine for Google Keep
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Productivity Ping #5 - Custom Search Engine for Google Keep

Productivity Ping #5 - Custom Search Engine for Google Keep

🌟 Tip of the week - Custom Search Engine for Google Keep

You know how in Google Chrome if you type in "youtube" or "google" into the address bar followed by the TAB key, you can automatically search on those platforms directly?

Google Keep doesn't include this by default BUT you can achieve this Custom Search for Google Keep in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to your Google Chrome settings > Search engine > Manage search engines
  2. Add a Search engine
  3. Input: Search engine = Keep
    Keyword = keep
    URL =

Now you can type "keep" into your Google Chrome address bar followed by TAB and search your Google Keep notes for any keyword you want!

(view in browser for full gif walkthrough)

⌨️ Keyboard shortcut - "L" for list

On Google Keep, press "L" to quickly start a new list (I use this mainly at work when there are multiple items I need to be grouped together)

  • For example, when I'm planning a campaign, I quickly note down all the teams I need to communicate with: sales, product, growth, specialist, and marketing, and check each one off as I send off emails asking for a meeting


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