Apply Label Directly in Gmail Compose!

🌟 Tip of the week - Apply label directly in the compose window

For example: if you're sending an email where you're asking someone else for information, you should apply the "Waiting" label to remind yourself they need to get back to you (watch my Inbox Zero video if you haven't already).

Instead of applying the label after you send the email out, you can simply press the 3 Dots in the bottom right corner > Label > Waiting, and then send the email!

⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts - "C" to compose new email and "CMD/CTRL + ENTER" to send

Want to shoot off an angry email at a colleague? Press "C" to bring up a new compose window from your Gmail inbox page and after typing out your rant, press "CMD+ENTER" on Mac or "CTRL+ENTER" on PC to send the email out!

(just kidding this is a terrible idea, please don't do this at work, definitely use those shortcuts though)

*Note* make sure you have "Keyboard Shortcuts" enabled in your Gmail settings first

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