Productivity Ping #17 - Quickly select ENTIRE range in Spreadsheet
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Productivity Ping #17 - Quickly select ENTIRE range in Spreadsheet

šŸŒŸ Tip of the week - Select Entire Range to Avoid Mistakes!


  • Google Sheets and Excel accept ranges like "A1:A" and "A:A" so when you use a formula like =COUNTA(A1:A) you do NOT need to update the range manually if more data is added to that range

This is a GREAT way to avoid manual (aka human) error, since you can just set it once and forget it!

(click here for the full gif walkthrough)

āŒØļø Keyboard shortcut

  • CMD & OPTION & + (on Mac, on PC I believe it's CTRL SHIFT +)
  • Insert a new row or column in Google Sheets / Excel with the formatting (you have to select the header row or column

(click here for full gif walk-through)


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