My Gear

When it comes to purchase decisions I totally agree that anyone can start filming videos with an iPhone but having a nice camera definitely doesn't hurt!

All that to say if a purchase decreases friction in my pursuit of a productive activity, I'm going to consider buying it even if there are cheaper alternatives.

Content creators

Here's the equipment I use to film my Youtube videos 📸, and you can find all the software I use (for example the platform on which this website is hosted) on the Creator Essentials📱 page

Students and Working Professionals

For applications I use on a daily basis, check out the Tech Stack 📡 page (if you come across an amazing iOS or Mac app, please let me know)

My Everyday Carry 🎒 page has everything from my work backpack all the way to travel suitcases I have used for the past 12+ years of my life

And who can resist a cool dual-monitor desk setup 🖥️?