If I could go back in time and tell myself where to invest in order to grow fast on YouTube, it would be:

  1. Set a realistic budget
  2. Spend that budget on Audio > Lighting > Lens > Camera (in that order, more on why below)
  3. Purchase a popular video editing software like Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro then use FREE plugins like those from Ryan Nangle to start off with before moving onto paid ones (options down below)

The Hardware

šŸŽ™ Audio

people are willing to sit through bad video, but never poor audio

šŸ’” Lighting

the difference between good and poor lighting is *literally* night and day

šŸ”Ž Lens

a good lens will make up for a "bad" camera body

I'm not a lens expert so I basically relied on advice from Think Media, Ali Abdaal, and Peter McKinnon. That being said, I think my choices have been pretty good:

šŸ“ø Camera & Peripherals

Sony cameras are apparently better for video, and Canon for stills

The Software

šŸŒ Thumbnails

šŸŽ¶ Music

šŸ–„ Screen Recording