Desk Setup

Here's a video of my desk setup. Don't judge my choice of monitors

What's on my desk


  • Oakywood iPhone Magsafe Shelf Mount: I have 2 of these. One on my desk and one right by the front door so I just pop my iPhone on the mount after I come back home and it charges immediately
  • Desk Mat (wool) - The size perfectly fits a Magic Trackpad, a Logitech MX Keys Mini, and a MX Master Mouse 3s
  • Laptop Stand - A little overpriced but it fits the overall black-walnut theme I was going for
  • Headphone stand - Same as above (expensive, but looks hella good)
  • MagSafe Charger - I love this thing so much I actually bought 2 (one for my desk, and one for the bedroom). This is EXTREMELY well-built; it's got some heft to it and it will never tip over (and causing your phone to fall)
  • Wall Caddy / Catch up - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this thing! I know this isn't part of my desk setup but it's so convenient to throw my phone on top and hang my keys and masks below. My favorite Grovemade product by far!

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