Tech Stack

Here's a list of my favorite apps (definitely a WIP, drop a comment if you have recommendations)


  • CleanShot X for Mac - Hands down the best screenshot app I've ever used. My favorite feature is the ability to make your screenshot "social media-friendly" in just 1 click (adds a gradient background and crops in perfectly)
  • Todoist - The best tool for quick capture I've come across. An essential part of my Simple Productivity System
  • Downie - Video downloader. Works on most websites (including Youtube)
  • Notion - Like 99.9% of other people, I use Notion as a place to organize my life. However I have to admit I've never even tried other apps like Obsidian and Roam, so I don't know what I (might) be missing out on


  • Readwise - I do take notes while reading non-fiction books but I often get lazy and never review those notes. Readwise basically sends me 5 highlights via email each day and I find myself actually applying re-surfaced content in my daily life(i.e. sounding like a douche by quoting books I've read)

    To be clear I don't think Readwise is a good replacement for actually taking comprehensive notes and reviewing them consistently; but something is better than nothing. You can watch me talk about it here
  • Skillshare - Not much to say here. Ali Abdaal's Skillshare course on video editing is single-handedly responsible for launching my content creator journey and I can safely say it has completely changed my life
Pro tip: I have a course on Event Management on Skillshare


(watch my video for pro tips)

  • Alfred - If I had to pick, this would be my favorite app out of this entire list. The free version is more than enough for 99% of people but I upgraded to the paid version for the Snippets (text expander) feature. Check out my Alfred tutorial to learn more.
  • Dropzone - The drag-to-airdrop feature alone is worth the price
  • AltTab - Coming from Windows this was a life-saver. I didn't know how much I needed a "window switcher" until I started using the Mac
  • MonitorControl - Can't believe this is free, I would 100% pay a subscription fee for this app. If you have an external monitor this is a must-use
  • Moom - My go-to app for snapping windows to a preset location
  • Rectangle - Free alternative to Moom
  • AppCleaner - Best uninstaller app there is. Super simple to use: just drag-and-drop
  • Maccy - Free and open-source clipboard management app

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