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Gemini: Generate Unique Images for Your Next Presentation

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Free stock photography websites like unsplash.com are amazing resources to use in presentations but why settle for just amazing when you can be amazing and unique? 😉

Generate the images you want with Gemini

Note that the benefits of using Gemini to generate images go way beyond getting a unique image; I wanted to have a cup of coffee and a green plant on the table and Gemini gave it to me!

Copy my prompt

Generate a photorealistic top-down view of a white desk, with a completely empty space in the middle and natural sunlight. Include a cup of coffee and 1 green plant

Ok, so what?

This is the before-and-after of slide I presented at work recently, let’s see what I did step-by-step.

First, after adding the image to Google Slides, I dialed the opacity down to 0 so I could crop the image perfectly:

After bringing the opacity back up to 100%, I dialed down the brightness so the white text could pop out from the background:

Pro tip

I like to add relevant sticks/gifs within my slides by going to Insert > GIFs and stickers:

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