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⛳️ 3 Chrome Flag Settings to Change

🤔 What is it?

  • You can access Chrome flags by typing “chrome://flags/” in your address bar in Chrome (without the quotation marks)
  • A few small changes can massively improve your experience with the Chrome browser

🤷🏻 When should I use this?

  1. Disable Tab Hover Card Images - The “Preview Card” you see when hovering over your Chrome tabs can get super annoying and takes extra resource to load. You can disable it by searching for the keyword “Tab Hover Card Images” and disabling that flag
  2. Force Dark Mode - If you prefer Dark Mode for as many website as possible, search for “Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents” and enable that flag
  3. Faster Download Speeds - Enable “Parallel Downloading” flag for faster download speeds
In simple terms, Google Chrome can establish multiple connections to download a single file in parts. It will increase the speed of the download compared to normal

📸 Instructions

Enable and disable Google Chrome Flags
Enable and disable Google Chrome Flags

⌨️ Keyboard shortcut

  • CMD/CTRL + W to quickly close a Chrome tab
  • CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+T to re-open that closed tab

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