Easily Manage Storage in Google Photos

Easily Manage Storage in Google Photos

🌟 Tip of the week - Free up storage for Google Photos

Simply go to https://photos.google.com/storage to check how much storage you have left and how much Google estimates you still got based on your historical usage

  1. Pro tip: Google Drive eats into your storage quota, so cleaning up your Google Drive can help too
  2. Pro tip #2: On your Google Photos mobile app, you can click "Your Map" under "Search" tab to see how many photos you took and where! (screenshot example)
  3. Pro tip #3: Watch out for my Google Photos video (for productivity!) coming out tomorrow 😉

(click here for animated gif walkthrough)

⌨️ Keyboard shortcut - Download multiple photos from Google Photos

Within Google Photos (desktop), select a photo, hold down "SHIFT" to select multiple photos, then press "SHIFT+D" to download them all at once!


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