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Google Docs: Create + Name in 1 Step

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🤔 What is it?

  • Old news: Type “doc.new” in the address bar to create a new Google Doc
  • Sexy, new tip: Create AND name a new Google Doc in 1 single step!
    (see gif below)
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🤯 How do I do this?

Within Chrome, first type ‘chrome://settings/searchEngines’ in address bar and press Enter

Then, click “Add” under the Site search section

Name the Search Engine “Google Docs”, set the shortcut to “newdoc” and input the URL “https://docs.google.com/document/create?title=%s”

And you’re done!

  1. Type in “newdoc” in the address bar
  2. Press <Tab> or <Space> and type in the name of your new doc
  3. Press <Enter> and watch the magic happen!

⌨️ Keyboard shortcut

  • CMD or CTRL + \ to remove all formatting from text in Google Docs!

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