Productivity Ping #1
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Productivity Ping #1

šŸŒŸ Tip of the week - Pin Chrome Tabs

I like to have one Chrome window open at all times with with "core" tabs open, and another Chrome window on whatever project or task I'm working on (so I'm not distracted).

šŸ“Œ The core tabs I pin are: Email, Calendar, Keep, Drive

Simply right-click on the Chrome tab and select "Pin." This keeps things clean and tidy!

[Click here for a GIF]

āŒØļø Keyboard shortcut - Paste without formatting

Finally have all your formatting and fonts set up just the way you like and someone (perhaps even yourself) copied text from another source messing it all up?

Instead of using the "normal" paste shortcut (CMD+V), try paste without formatting: CMD+SHIFT+V (CTRL+SHIFT+V for PC users) šŸ˜²

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