Write an Amazing Cover Letter!

When it comes to securing that coveted first round interview, a carefully crafted cover letter can spark interest in a way that a resume, however impressive, simply can't.

Let's find out how this cover letter helped Amanda land multiple offers from top-tier management consulting firms and bulge bracket investment banks!


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Learn how to write an amazing cover letter (step-by-step)

Crafting a Winning Hook

To start, you must hook the reader by mentioning a connection with the company. This is crucial—it gives them a compelling reason to continue reading and learn why you're a standout candidate.

Amanda began her cover letter by challenging a common notion about entry-level consultant positions. She then revealed that her experience with various industry professionals led her to believe that Ernst and Young stands apart from the rest.

Pro tip: This approach is intriguing, and readers will be curious to find out why she thinks this way

The key to doing this effectively is by conducting thorough research:

  • Speak with industry professionals and get insights into the role and industry.
  • Use this information to add depth and context to your cover letter.
  • If you’re applying for roles involving specific software, utilize customer reviews and testimonials to enhance your understanding and express this in your cover letter.

Remember to relate this connection with the recruiter or hiring manager. For example, rather than saying you'll innovate the next iPhone when applying to Apple, you could talk about Apple's focus on privacy and its impact on the advertising industry.

This will show your understanding of broader industry contexts and trends.

Being Purposeful with Information

Next, be intentional about the information you include. Every sentence in your cover letter should serve a purpose.

Amanda didn't waste words reiterating information that was already in her resume. Instead, she used her cover letter to expand on the initial hook and highlight achievements relevant to the role she was applying for.

She demonstrated her problem-solving and project management skills, her experience with large-scale projects, and her punctuality—all key factors for recruiters.

While concluding, she reinforced her strong desire to join the company, showcasing a bit of her personality and how her unique experiences made her an asset.

Creating an Appealing Template

Lastly, the visual presentation of your cover letter is paramount. An intuitive, reader-friendly format with attention to white space can make a significant difference.

Utilize design elements such as colored accents to add personality while maintaining a professional look.

Including a relevant job title right below your name is beneficial too, as cover letters are often scanned for keywords.

Pro tip: Play around with the font size for the first letters of your header to create a distinctive, yet professional appearance

So, let's circle back to the initial point about evoking emotion. After reading Amanda's cover letter, the recruiter perceives her as witty, skilled, and driven—traits deserving at least a first round interview.

Following these tips can help you too in crafting a cover letter that leaves a lasting impression and secures that all-important interview call.

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