The Introvert's Guide to Networking

Do you ever feel like networking is reserved for extroverts, while introverts are left struggling to make connections?

Well, I'm here to debunk that myth. As an introvert myself, I've discovered effective strategies for building strong professional networks that play to our natural strengths!


  • Add value digitally: Harness the power of thoughtful comments on platforms like LinkedIn to engage with professionals in your industry
  • Be selective: Choose your network wisely by focusing on relevant decision makers and leveraging existing connections
  • Consistency is key: Set achievable goals and maintain a regular networking practice to maximize your results

Watch it in action

Add Value from Behind a Computer Screen

As introverts, striking up conversations with strangers may not be our strong suit. But fear not! Our prowess lies in the digital realm.

The next time you browse LinkedIn, find a post from an author you respect and admire. Leave a thoughtful comment using the "Yes, and" method, where you support the post and add a personal anecdote.

By engaging with others in a meaningful way, you'll create connections and increase your visibility.

Connecting with Ali Abdaal (Example 1)

For instance, I commented on a post by Ali Abdaal, a successful entrepreneur and YouTuber, using the "Yes, and" approach. Not only did my comment garner the most likes, but it also led to a connection and chat with Ali himself.

Remember, leaving positive comments is like making deposits in the author's virtual bank account, fostering reciprocity and increasing the likelihood of agreement.

Asking to connect with them is like withdrawing $10 and asking for a quick phone call is like taking out $50, but as long as you have a positive amount saved up, the other person is very likely to agree to your request due to the rule of reciprocity, since as human beings, we care about fairness.

Be Selective about who you Network With

As introverts, our energy is finite, and we must spend it wisely. When networking, focus on relevant decision makers, the individuals who hold sway over your desired outcomes.

Seek introductions from your existing network, such as friends, colleagues, or family members. Arrange one-on-one conversations in comfortable settings, like a favorite coffee shop or a phone call instead of video chat.

Find Decision Makers (Example 2)

To put this into practice, imagine you're interested in a job at Amazon. Utilize advanced LinkedIn search to find relevant recruiters and hiring managers who are second-degree connections.

Then, approach your mutual first-degree connections and ask for recommendations on the best-fit individuals. By narrowing your focus, you can have meaningful conversations with a select few, rather than attempting to meet everyone at an event.

Pro tip: If you have to go to an offline event where you’re going to meet strangers and socialize, recharge beforehand, avoid socializing too much the day before.

Set Achievable Goals

Building a networking habit requires consistent effort. Rather than aiming for grand, one-off actions, focus on small, manageable goals.

Start by leaving one thoughtful comment on LinkedIn per week or per month, and gradually increase your engagement. Schedule regular phone calls or coffee chats with decision makers, locking the time on both calendars to minimize the likelihood of canceling.

Remember, networking events with large crowds may not be our cup of tea. By spacing out your networking activities, you can recharge, reduce stress, and maximize the rewards. It's the small, consistent steps that lead to lasting connections and professional growth.

Wisdom from Simon Sinek

Before I end this post I want to leave you with a quote from Simon Sinek, who’s a best-selling author, a motivational speaker, and more importantly, a huge introvert. He says:

It doesn't matter whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, the question is how do you leverage what you got. Charisma comes not from extroversion, but from passion and dedication.

So please do not fall into the trap of thinking we are at a natural disadvantage when it comes to networking in business or in life.

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