7 Job Interview Questions to Prepare For (in 2023)

In this blog post, we'll go into the top 7 Hybrid Workplace Interview Questions you're likely to encounter this year and beyond.



  • Demonstrate your adaptability: Employers want to gauge your comfort level with hybrid work. Whether you have prior experience or not, highlight your willingness to adapt to new policies and emphasize your communication, technology, and time management skills
  • Showcase your time management prowess: With increased independence in hybrid and remote work, employers want to know how you manage and prioritize tasks. Describe your daily workflow, illustrate how you structure your workday, and mention specific apps you use to stay organized
  • Highlight your problem-solving abilities: When discussing remote tools and software, go beyond mere listing and showcase how you optimized existing processes. Share an example of how you increased team productivity using collaborative platforms or new features. Remember to inquire about the tools used by your target company in advance

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Do You Have Experience Working From Home?

This seemingly casual icebreaker is an opportunity for the interviewer to assess your compatibility with their current hybrid setup. If you have experience, explain how you structure your time and highlight your ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

If you lack experience, emphasize your communication, technology, and time management skills, as they are crucial in a hybrid work environment.

How Do you Stay Organized?

In hybrid and remote work, effective time management is essential. To answer this question:

  1. Describe your daily workflow
  2. Explain how you structure your workday
  3. Mention specific apps or tools you utilize to manage your schedule.

Providing concrete examples, such as utilizing a task list on a Notion dashboard or implementing the inbox zero method, can add weight to your response.

What Types of Distributed Team Tools Have You Used?

Rather than simply listing remote tools, focus on illustrating how you enhanced your team's productivity through specific examples.

For instance, mention how you streamlined workflows by leveraging new features in collaborative platforms like Google Docs.

Research the tools used by your target company beforehand to tailor your response accordingly.

How Do You Communicate and Coordinate with Coworkers?

Clear and effective communication is vital when working in different locations. Introduce the CARL method (Context, Action, Results, and Learnings) to structure your response. Explain the importance of asking questions up front, regular check-ins, and managing expectations around timelines.

Pro tip: Inquire about the interviewer's efforts to facilitate communication within their team to showcase your critical thinking skills.

How Do You Deal with Uncertainty?

In a hybrid model, keeping everyone in sync can be challenging. Employers want to assess your resilience and problem-solving skills.

Apply the CARL method to describe a time when you successfully adapted to change, highlighting your ability to find solutions independently.

Emphasize replicable steps and demonstrate your capacity to resolve similar issues in the future.

Tell Me About a Time You were Creative

Creativity plays a significant role in engaging clients and colleagues, particularly in a distributed workforce. Discuss how you incorporated interactive tools like Kahoot, Slido, or Menti into your presentations or virtual meetings to generate energy and participation.

If you've watched my Think Outside the Box playlist, you'll have plenty of examples to draw from. Quantify the results of your creative solutions compared to traditional methods, such as increased participation rates or higher satisfaction scores.

Pro tip: Use the CARL since this is another behavioral question.

How do you Maintain Well-Being?

This question indicates that the company values employee well-being and likely has corresponding policies in place. Be honest and share the tactics you employ to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

It could be as simple as disconnecting from work outside of office hours, designating a separate workspace, or following a specific routine before and after work.

Highlighting your commitment to self-care demonstrates your awareness of the importance of mental health.

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