Build a Personal CRM in Notion

Keep in touch with people you care about by creating and maintaining your own personal CRM!

Make a copy

  • Link to Jeff's Personal CRM Template

My walkthrough

Keep in contact with people you care about :)

How to use this template

  1. Start small - Add 10-20 people first (scroll through your messaging apps to find those you chat with frequently)
  2. Add the "must-have" information and customize properties/color!
  3. Start with 1-2 "VIPs" depending on YOUR objective (e.g. if you're job searching then your "VIPs" should include a few professional contacts you want to reach out to on a regular basis
  4. Dedicate time every week, two weeks, or every month and update your Personal CRM with new contacts, new views, etc.
  5. Have fun and enjoy the process!