Notion Weekly Agenda Template

It's Sunday night ✨. There's just 1 more thing you need to do before going to bed

Relax, this will just take 5 minutes...

Download the templates

  • Notion Weekly Agenda Planner - Link
  • Master Agenda Page - Link

Watch it in action

Updated for 2022!

Oh, what's this?

You open up your customized weekly agenda template in Notion. You scan through the highlights, things you were grateful for, and things you let go

You smile to yourself for yet completely demolishing another week 🚜

You take 1-2 minutes reflecting on (1) A win from the week, (2) A learning from a failure you experienced, and (3) A memory you know you'd like to revisit

Now comes the best part

You navigate 🧭 to the Master Agenda Page and click that template button to create a new Weekly Agenda page

Ah...the smell of a nice clean template 😉

💪🏻 New week? Let's go.