20+ MacBook Tips for Productivity

MacBook tips for Productive Professionals

Let's just get right into these:

Setting Changes

🔎 Finder Preferences

  1. Finder > View > Show Path Bar
  2. Finder > View > Show Status Bar
  3. Finder > Preferences > General > Uncheck "Open folders in tabs instead of new windows"
  4. Finder > Preferences > General > New Finder windows show "Documents" (instead of "Recents")
  5. Finder > Preferences > Tags > Uncheck those you don't use
  6. Finder > Preferences > Advanced > Search the Current Folder when performing a search
  7. System Preferences > Dock and Menu Bar > Battery > Enable Battery Percentage

Tips and Tricks

📁 File Management

  1. "CMD+i" while selecting a file to change default app to open with
  2. Open image > Markup > Edit size and you can change the size of the file (proportions stay the same)
  3. Select multiple images > Right click > Quick actions > Create PDF (you can move the pages around)
  4. Open PDF > File > Export as PNG or JPEG
  5. Keynote presentations can be exported as a PPT file, Numbers can be exported as Excel files, and Pages as Word Doc files
  6. Force quit option 1 - Use Activity Monitor
  7. Force quit option 2 - CMD+OPTION+ESC
  8. Force quit option 3 - Right click on the app in the dock and hold down OPTION

⚓️ Dock

  1. Right click on the vertical line within the deck to quickly get to Dock Preferences
  2. Hold down "Shift" and drag the vertical line to move the Dock

⌥ Option Key

  1. CMD+OPTION to create folder alias
  2. OPTION+drag to quickly copy a file or folder
  3. OPTION+click to expand all child folders
  4. Finder > Go > Hold down option > Library (you can now add to Sidebar from "File")

📺 Screen recording

  1. Connect iPhone to MacBook > Quicktime Player > File > New Movie Recording > Select iPhone screen
  2. CMD + SHIFT + 5 for default MacBook screen recorder
  3. Pro tip: During video calls, you can present Quicktime Player window to show your iPhone screen

⌨️ Keyboard

  1. Long press a key to reveal accented alphabet characters
  2. CMD+CTRL+Space for searchable Emoji bar
  3. FN+Delete to use "PC delete" function
  4. Easter egg: OPTION+SHIFT+K