Master the Shortcuts App for the Mac!

Although the Shortcuts app is already pretty popular on the iPhone, very few people use it on their Macbooks as well. So I’ve put together a "Get Started" guide for the Shortcuts app on the Mac!

Download the Shortcuts

  1. Hide Desktop Clutter - Link
  2. Enter Focus Mode - Link
  3. Leave Focus Mode (aka Chill) - Link
  4. Network Tool - Link
  5. Count Characters - Link
  6. Search On - Link
  7. Empty Downloads Folder - Link
  8. Make GIF - Link


If you're on a desktop browser, clicking into the links above should bring you to a page where you can just click "Get Shortcut"

If for some reason that is NOT working:

  1. Make sure your Shortcuts app is open
  2. Paste the iCloud link (URL) into your Notes app
  3. Click the link from within the Notes app

This should open up a prompt from your Shortcuts app directly (and bypass your browser)

Watch it in action

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