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At every job you should either learn or earn. Either is fine. Both is best. But if it's neither, quit - Garry Tan

Having spent my entire adult life in large corporations (EY then Google), I've picked up a thing or two on how to "succeed" in the workplace

5 Workplace Tips to Keep in Mind 💼

  1. Over-communication is underrated - I prefer to be told "Omg Jeff you've said this at least 100 times. Stop. I get it." over "Wait, you never mentioned this"
  2. Know Who ACTUALLY Does What - If you want a meeting with a senior director, it pays to be close to their executive assistant (who has access to their calendar)
  3. Host Meetings that Don't Suck - If attendees leave the meeting thinking it was a waste of time, it's the fault of the meeting organizer. Figure out ahead of time who really needs to be present and how your meeting benefits them
  4. Manage Up Effectively - You're not always going to get along with your manager, but your relationship is a two-way street. Provide your manager with the tools to be your strongest advocate
  5. You Don't Need to Suck Up to Get Ahead - It took me a long time to realize you can be vocal without being aggressive; visible without being arrogant; and firm without being a douche

I highly recommend you check out my Succeed in the First Years of Your Career playlist on Youtube if you're working a corporate job

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