💌 Gmail

On average, 28% of work time is spent on email and we check our inboxes ~11 times per hour*

Knowing this, what are some of the ways we can be more intentional and efficient with our Gmail workflows?

7 Gmail Tips for Productivity

Little known tips & tricks
  1. Schedule Send
  2. Using the "*" Search Operator
  3. Hide Labels
  4. Create Filters Easily
  5. Create Infinite Aliases
  6. Use Gmail Templates
  7. Search Another Person's Gmail (for them)

Best Gmail Filters for Productivity

Only one-time setup is needed


  1. Download the .xml files
  2. Go to your Gmail Settings -> Filters and Blocked Addresses -> "Import Filters"
  3. "Choose File" and open the .xml files -> click "Open File"
  4. Make adjustments based on your own needs and preferences (you can always watch the YouTube video for a quick refresher 😉)

*According to the McKinsey Global Institute analysis