The Truth about Full-Time Jobs (when you have a side hustle)

tl;dr (too long, didn't read) - If your goal is to be your own boss, don't underestimate the value of what you learn at your day job.

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Onto the "boring" corporate skills I developed:

1. The Power of Storytelling

Forget fancy visuals – true storytelling is about convincing people you're right!

The SCQA framework (Situation, Complication, Question, Answer) is like a magic formula. I use it for everything from tough conversations with my manager to structuring my YouTube videos.

Want to learn more about SCQA? I've got a whole video on that!

2. BLUF: Your Secret Weapon

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) is all about putting the key message FIRST.

It's a lifesaver when writing emails, creating presentations, and yes, making videos people actually finish. This no-nonsense approach is why my audience seems to like what I do!

3. Your Network is Your Net Worth

Working in a company gives you access to amazing talent, potential mentors, and connections you wouldn't have otherwise.

These relationships were critical for me – from learning killer copywriting to getting my website built.

Think strategically about the people in your network and how they might help your side hustle ambitions.

4. Process is Everything

Remember that time your manager was super picky about how you named files? Turns out there was a reason! Optimizing processes is a superpower in any role.

As a creator, having systems is how I consistently produce quality content without burning out. Even a simple Notion template will save you tons of time.

The Takeaway

Don't think you have to quit your job to start something amazing. Be intentional about the skills you're developing – they'll pay off big time when you take your side hustle to the next level!

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