Presentation Techniques from McKinsey, Bain, and BCG

When we look at presentations from top consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, we often think they must have some sort of magical formula.

But the truth is, they oftentimes employ simple techniques that anyone can use to make their presentations shine!

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#1: Data Contextualization

Learn how adding additional data points can guide your narrative and influence perception. For instance, knowing that concern about AI has decreased by 10% over 5 years offers a more nuanced story.

#2: The SCQA Framework

One consistent element in every MBB presentation is the SCQA (Situation, Complication, Question, Answer) model.

This simple yet powerful structure helps in framing the conversation and answering critical questions.

#3: The Pyramid Principle

Ever wonder why executives want the 'bottom line' first? This principle trains you to begin with the conclusion, making your presentations instantly more compelling.

#4: Color Coding

Improve readability and reduce cognitive load by using color intentionally. Different shades can guide the viewer's eye and make complex data easier to digest.

#5: Table vs. Charts

Know when a table trumps a chart—especially when you need to focus on precise values.

Whether you're a working professional or an aspiring consultant, these techniques can significantly improve how you present information, tell stories, and persuade your audience.

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