Marketing Classes at Wharton

I’ve been a Product Marketing Manager since 2016 and I’ve always found it amusing that I’ve literally never taken a single marketing class in my entire life (during my first interview I remember wondering what the interviewer meant by “key visual”)

So I was pretty excited to attend Marketing Academy, an annual training program for Googlers at the Wharton School in UPenn

College was a looonnnggg time ago but I’m pretty sure I was rejected by Wharton when I applied for their undergraduate program, so…who’s laughing now?

Sadly, still me as I come to the realization that I would probably still get rejected by Wharton if I applied for their MBA program

Now that Module 1 is over (Module 2 is scheduled for November) I thought a great way for me to really learn the content is to summarize and share key takeaways externally (in the form of these posts) and internally (presentations to Googlers who didn’t attend)

Key Takeaways

  1. Marketers should always optimize for Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) (full post here)
  2. By 2100, the top 5 most populous cities in the world will all be in Africa (full post here)
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(Note: this article will be a work in progress until Module 2 is completed so bear with me)