🔢 Google Sheets

Google Sheets (and Excel I guess) is insanely powerful and extremely versatile

Meeting Notes at Work

I firmly believe you should have different note templates depending on the situations you find yourself in at work.

  • I.e. The notes template you use for 1:1 coffee chats (Google Docs template) should definitely be different than that you use for team meetings
Note-taking techniques for Professionals

Meeting with 1 team

  • For meetings where only 1 team is involved, each row represents a separate topic, and it's best to have 1 person be responsible for taking notes each meeting

Meeting with multiple teams

  • When multiple teams are involved (and especially if there is synergy among the different teams), consider capturing all notes within 1 tab

You can make a copy of the template here (two tabs in 1 sheet). Enjoy!