90% of us are using ChatGPT wrong

You're using ChatGPT wrong but it's not your fault.

Whenever a new feature comes out, self-proclaimed "experts" share their "best practices" without thorough testing.

This blog post aims to dispel these myths and guide you towards more effective use of ChatGPT, ensuring you reap the benefits it genuinely offers.

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Mistake #1 - Being overly specific in Custom Instructions

The common advice to overload ChatGPT with highly specific custom instructions is counterproductive.

While specificity can be beneficial, overly detailed instructions can limit ChatGPT's applicability to a narrow range of tasks.

Instead, a balanced approach is recommended:

  • Start with a brief professional summary, include your interests and secondary persona, and conclude with your preferred style of communication

This method ensures ChatGPT delivers broadly relevant and personalized responses.

Practical Hack: Emulate the style of creators you admire by analyzing their content and instructing ChatGPT to mirror their tone and style. This allows for customization that resonates with you personally, enhancing the quality of ChatGPT's output without narrowing its scope.

Mistake #2 - Not using ChatGPT to automate tasks

Many assume that coding is beyond their skill set, but ChatGPT can bridge this gap.

By guiding ChatGPT with specific tasks, such as automating meeting notes in Google Docs, users can create functional scripts without prior coding knowledge. This not only saves time but also opens up possibilities for further automation in everyday tasks.

Mistake #3 - The First-try Fallacy

Adjust your expectations and utilize the strategy of prompting ChatGPT to ask clarifying questions. This iterative approach leads to more precise and useful outputs.

Mistake #4 - The Summary-only Shortfall

Move beyond mere summaries.

Ask ChatGPT to provide actionable insights tailored to your specific role and challenges, thereby extracting more value from any content you provide.

Mistake #5 - Prompt Overload Paradox

Focus on a select few prompts that directly enhance your productivity. Over time, refine these prompts to best suit your needs, avoiding the trap of accumulating unused prompts.

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