Build Amazing Presentations in Minutes with ChatGPT

Presentations - especially good ones - are incredibly time-consuming to create.

So let's go through how we can use AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Gemini to streamline the presentation-building process and create truly impressive slides!

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Step 1: Start with a Strong Outline

A well-structured outline is the bedrock of any great presentation. ChatGPT can accelerate this process, but remember, the quality of the outline rests on using the right prompts.

Begin by opening ChatGPT and providing clear instructions, including the following three elements:

  • Context and Goal: Brief ChatGPT on your topic and the intended outcome of the presentation.
  • Framework: For business-oriented presentations, suggest using the SCQA (Situation, Complication, Question, Answer) framework for outlining your slides.
  • Follow-up Questions: Instruct ChatGPT to ask you five clarifying questions before creating the outline – this ensures the final product is tailored to your needs.

Example Prompt for your reference

Assume the role of a senior business analyst with over 20 years of experience for the rest of this conversation.

I'm preparing a presentation on how console and PC will be the next drivers of the gaming industry as growth in the mobile market has plateaued.

Your task is to generate a structured outline for a 10-slide presentation using the Situation, Complication, Question, Answer (SCQA) framework used by top consulting firms.
Each slide title should be specific, action-oriented, and highlight compelling data.
Each slide should include 3 details supporting the slide title in bullet point format.

The goal is to convince my client - a mobile gaming app developer - to develop cross platform games.

Situation: Functions as a starting point and a common basis. Therefore it primarily contains recognizable and agreed points.
Complication: Spells the reason for acting now. It contains threats / opportunities and the hurdles that need to be overcome.
Question: Asks the question how the hurdles of the Complication can be overcome. How can we prevent the threat or seize the opportunity?
Answer: Provides the answer on how to overcome the hurdles. Explains how this will help deflect the threats or seize the opportunities.

First, ask me 5 questions that will improve the response you will be giving me. Wait for my response before continuing.

ChatGPT's output will be a detailed outline with compelling slide titles and supporting bullet points.

Step 2: Generate Slides with Apps Script

Now we tell ChatGPT to draft a Google Apps Script to bring those slides to life:

  • Script Request: Ask ChatGPT to create a script that will read your outline and generate a corresponding presentation within Google Slides.
  • Customization: Guide ChatGPT to define slide titles and bullet points as variables within the code.
  • Code Review: Ensure real Google Slides functions are used within the generated code.

Example Prompt for your reference

Now, your task is to write a Google Apps Script that allows me to click a custom menu button from within a Google Slides presentation to generate these slides automatically.

Populate the slides using the slide title and supporting bullet points above.

There's no need to include placeholders.Make sure that all the text strings are defined as variables at the beginning of the code in a json like format.

Remove all the comments. Confirm all functions you use in the code are real functions applicable to Google Slides.

Follow ChatGPT's instructions to copy and paste the code into the Google Slides Apps Script editor, execute the script, and voila – your slides are built automatically!

Prompt for error codes

I ran into the following error after executing the script: "TypeError: slide.setTitle is not a function"
Your task is to fix this error, and share a revised script with the necessary corrections.
Do not include presets and placeholders.
Take your time and get this right.
Think through this step by step

Step 3: Add Your Visual Flair

It's time to make the presentation your own! Use templates or create your own to ensure your slides reflect your brand or personality.

Experiment with layouts and arrange text and images for a professional and engaging look and feel.

Step 4: Research is a Breeze

Even a great outline lacks impact without persuasive content. Research tools streamline this process and help you present convincing arguments:

  • Simplify Research: Use tools like Perplexity AI to quickly and accurately research a topic and its corresponding data. These tools summarize complex information and provide reliable sources.

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