I'm Hiring!

📹 Video Editor Needed (part-time)

Hi friends! After almost 2 years of editing my own videos, I've finally decided to hire a video editor to work with me and bring my content to the next level.

Sometimes, I have these beautiful visualizations in my head that would explain a concept in my video just perfectly but I'm unfortunately limited by my lack of video editing experience 😢...so if you are or know someone who is amazing at video editing, please read on 😁

Preferred Qualifications

  • Min. 3+ years of video editing experience
  • Fluent in English
  • Based in Shanghai
  • Fan of Ali Abdaal (and me I hope 😉)
  • You like watching YouTube videos!
  • You share my passion of helping students and working professionals become more productive in work and in life!

I've already set aside budget for this team member so if you meet the requirements above, please apply here!