Who Am I?

...and definitely not a control freak

What I'm Working On

  1. 🧑🏻‍💼 I'm a Product Marketer at Google working on Google Ads. I help App Developers create and export mobile applications they're proud of 🎮
  2. 🎬 On my YouTube Channel, I make videos about productivity, career, and lifestyle. Check out my most popular videos.
  3. 💌 I write a bi-weekly, no bulls***, productivity newsletter creatively named the "Productivity Ping." For each edition, I include 1 practical tip with a .GIF animation, along with a keyboard shortcut of the week. Subscribe here
  4. ✍️ I see this website as a "knowledge hub" where students and working professionals alike can access resources I have created over the years for free. I wouldn't say no if you decided to support me though 😉
  5. 📚 I contribute to, and am featured in, articles from Harvard Business Review. Huge thanks to them for giving a small-timer like me a chance to make a difference for young professionals 😊

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