Feb AMA: Jeff’s last AMA…?

Hey friends - Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

I’m not trying to be cute or clickbaity with the title because this is probably going to be the last Ask Me Anything (AMA) newsletter you’ll receive from me.

Context for newcomers

  • In addition to weekly productivity tips on Google tools, I send a monthly AMA email where you can ask me questions directly
  • Viewers add their question(s) via the <Comment> button and I respond within 48 hours

Ok, so why is it going away?

Excellent question 😛, 3 reasons:

Hilariously (but perhaps unsurprisingly), I realized that the most active users on AMA already engage with me regularly on other social media platforms.

And honestly, I'm not the type of person who would purposely not respond to someone just because they "should" reach out via AMA 😅.

Secondly, viewers gave feedback via my annual survey that they found AMA to be the least valuable perk:

(I send annual surveys to make sure I keep providing as value as possible to you all 😁)

And finally, as a consequence of points (1) and (2), the average number of comments I receive on AMA posts is pretty low.

So what’s next?

  1. You’ll stop receiving AMA newsletters from me
  2. BUT, you’re more than welcome to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Instagram directly and we’ll chat there! 😁

I have a record of all paid subscribers so this benefit is “grandfathered in” for all of you.

AMA is open for all paying members of the Productivity Ping newsletter

Want someone to be more productive? Let them subscribe here 😉