📒 Notion

I started using Notion for literally everything in my personal life after watching Ali's videos and thought I'd share some of the templates I use

Daily Agenda Template

Plan a Productive Day Using Notion!


  1. Go to top-right hand corner and click "Duplicate"
  2. I usually name the Page using YYYYMMDD (so it keeps going chronologically forever, easy to sort in the future - e.g. 20210222)
  3. I usually input the date range after "Weekly Agenda |", for example "Weekly Agenda | Feb 22-28"

Trip Planner Template

This a simple template but I found that having the checklists ensure I never forget to pack something (once I went on business trip without a belt and actually had to buy a new one there)

I use the trip planner for personal and business trips!

Note-taking Template

Take notes the "right" way

I like to think of my note-taking system as having a "backend" consisting of notebooks that cover all aspects of my personal life, and a "frontend" that I interact with on a daily basis

This setup basically allows me to not only record notes productively and efficiently, but also helps me resurface relevant notes when the situation calls for it

Template 👉🏻 Click here

Content Creation Template

(work in progress)

(more templates coming soon!)