I don't really have a fashion sense (I have owned, and regularly wear, the same jacket since 2015). I don't really like traveling (the only travel I like is business travel 💳 ✈️ 😉)

But, I am a firm believer of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Our bodies (and therefore our health) are one of the few things that are 100% within our control. And you already know the control freak within me is salivating at the prospect of exercising maximum control over this domain of my life


🏋🏻 Workout

  • I follow a P/P/L routine 5-6 days a week (PPL stands for Push / Pull / Leg), where you work out your chest, shoulders, and triceps on "push" day; back and biceps on "pull" day; legs and core on "leg" day
  • I highly recommend Jeremy Ethier's PPL routine: Push video, Pull video, Leg video (note: this is more for advanced lifters. Beginners should check out this Fitness Wiki created/curated by the r/Fitness Reddit community)

💤 Sleeping tips

  1. Read Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep (try not to get stressed out that you've been "sleeping wrong")
  2. Download a free sleep tracker on your phone (I use Sleep Cycle for iPhone), and use if you're sleeping alone (it doesn't work well if you have a partner sleeping next to you #foreveralone)
  3. Set. A. Schedule. I can't stress this enough. I don't care if you want to sleep at 9PM or 1AM, force yourself to adhere to a schedule for 2 weeks and you'll find yourself naturally adhering to that schedule (without the need for sleeping aids or an alarm). Believe it or not I usually sleep at 10:30PM and wake up between 6 and 7AM


🥬 Diet

  • I'm not on any special diet, and although I love sweet things I keep sugar intake to the minimum
  • I try to only eat refined carbs (e.g. bread, rice, pasta) in the morning, and stick with protein and veggies for lunch and dinner
  • As of 2022, I've started to go on weekly 36-hour fasts. You can read about my first ever 48-hour fast experiences here, and this Huberman Labs podcast breaks down all the benefits of fasting on a regular basis (tl;dr - when done right, fasting has huge benefits for our health. We don't need to eat 3 meals a day)