❗️ tl;dr

  1. Prolonged fasting of 24 hours or longer - when done correctly - has enormous benefits for our health
  2. Top 3 benefits are: (1) Anti-aging effects, (2) Increased mental capabilities, and (3) Weight loss
  3. Although there are guidelines to follow, it’s not a one-size approach. Adjustments need to be made and consistency is key!

💪🏻 Benefits I experienced

  1. Mental clarity 22 hours into fasting
  2. Shoulder pain decreased dramatically (injury from a few months back)
  3. The meal I used to break my fast satiated my hunger pretty quickly (and it was a relatively small meal, nowhere close to a full day’s worth of food), meaning my calories are now naturally restricted

What happened?

Two things triggered me to seriously consider incorporating some sort of fasting routine into my lifestyle:

  1. The book “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris. In the “Health” section, many experts Tim interviewed mentioned the benefits of having regular fasts and how they incorporated some sort of fasting into their daily life
  2. My friend Shiva: a friend of mine and Product Manager at Google. He has practiced regular fasting for the past 5 years (as of 2022) and he is in top physical shape (he claims his health mainly comes from (1) Bodybuilding and (2) Fasting)

How did I prepare?

How did it go?

Day 1 up until 4PM:

Day 1 at 5PM (after a workout):

My mindblown 🤯 happened at this time. After doing a light workout (70% of my usual sets and weight), my mind felt extremely clear and focused, and I felt extremely energetic

Day 1 at night:

Day 2:

What did you do?

(this is NOT medical advice, I HIGHLY recommend you do your own research first)


Adjustments I’m going to make for next time:

  1. The 1 day prior to starting a fast I’m going to only consume 1 cup of coffee and then sip on green tea for the rest of the day (this is apparently beneficial to your digestive tract)
  2. I should take these supplements: Magnesium Glycinate (300mg per day), 2 teaspoons of salt for every day I fast, Alkaline water to combat acid reflux, Potassium (I need to figure out how much)
  3. Next time I break a fast, I’m going to eat: Rice cakes, Seaweed, and lean white meat
  4. I’m going to try weekly 36-hour fasts since that’s works better for my current lifestyle

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