tl;dr - Everyone who signed up for the Productivity Ping Newsletter on or before May 1st, 2022 will still be able to access it for free. People who sign up for it after May 1st can support my content by becoming Paid Members 🌟

What's happening Jeff?

Why are you doing this?

So...where does this leave us?

  1. Basically almost all of my content will continue to be free
  2. Viewers who want to receive the Productivity Ping Newsletter moving forward will need to join as Paid Members
  3. Subscribers who signed up for the newsletter on May 1st, 2022 or before will receive life-time complimentary membership

Whether you're currently a paid or free member - Thank you so much for helping keep the content on this website free 🙏🏻, and I would love to count on your continued support!

Thank you for bearing with me as I figure all this out; one thing I can promise you is that I will always do the right thing for my audience 😁