I currently offer two types of live training -

Workspace Unleashed

Designed for organizations struggling to maximize productivity with Google Workspace tools (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides)

  • Gmail: Reach Inbox Zero
  • Google Drive: File management best practices
  • Calendar: Take the frustration out of scheduling meetings
  • Docs, Sheets, Slides: The only 5 features you really need to know

Rising Star Academy

Designed for high-performing teams who want to get shit done

  • Master Effective Meetings: Learn strategies to turn draining hours into productive minutes. Keep everyone engaged, aligned, and motivated to bring out their best.
  • Expert Project Management: Acquire best practices tailored for small teams. Whether it’s a project of 2 or 20, get it done efficiently, on time, every time.
  • Captivating Presentations: Transform 'meh' presentations into 'WOW' moments. Command attention, deliver your message compellingly, and leave a lasting impression.

What alumni are saying

As the close working partner with Jeff among GrCN MKT team, Jeff has always been recognized the Productivity king, which I am sure we all learnt a lot! He showed a whole new different expertise this time! I had the honor to join his sharing “Marketing Academy - The Lowdown session” that I was amazed by his presentation skills and narrative built up competence to turn difficult economic theory into easy resonating business examples like CLV or Pricing strategy.

I attended one of Jeff's presentations at Google - I was impressed by his engaging storytelling style, delivering a crisp, concise and informative session for all of us. He was fantastic in bringing the audience on a journey through different Marketing concepts, making us rethink what we already know. I thoroughly enjoyed how he applied real life examples to these concepts, which definitely resonated with everyone. Would highly recommend learning from Jeff's sharings, and looking forward to future sessions!

Maciej Gabrysz Account Strategist

If you missed out on the live workshop, you should immediately prioritize the recording of Jeff's training. It's rarely happen that training/TED talk gets so many positive responses.

I especially appreciated (1) How prepared Jeff was (materials, live examples, case studies), (2) Connect with people with the drop of humour, (3) Make it useful and actionable (easy to digest, and ready to apply straight away tips)

Jeff showed us how to effectively use Bard to land a role. I had no idea Bard and ChatGPT could be so useful for networking! The live examples using LinkedIn completely blew me away.

It was a very helpful session which was unique in the sense of how less work is needed for a big impact.

Maria Kiryukh Quality Program Manager

It was a fantastic investment of only 1 hour of my time to get valuable tips on moving my job search to the next level. In addition to that it was fun :)

One actionable tip I used immediately was downloading a LinkedIn profile and play with it and get useful data by using Bard. Game changer!

I just wish Jeff set more time aside for Q&A!

The workshop was definitely amazing! All infos are technical and reaaally useful!

In particular I want to thank Jeff for the actionable Google Bard techniques, those were SPECTACULAR!

Michael Arrigan Vendor Transformation Lead

Very practical session that you can use in may different ways. Shows you how to use Bard to fast track your way through the process. I was blown away at how we can use Google Bard to condense people's Linkedin profiles.

It would be great if Jeff reminded us to bring laptops next time so we can follow along 😅