💭 Testimonials

It's crazy how quickly people say nice things about you after giving them $100. Just kidding. I would never do that. That would be highly unethical. Definitely not.


Since joining Google in 2016, I've run at least 1 G2G (Googler-to-Googler) workshop per quarter, with topics ranging from time management to nutrition and fitness!

Here's what some of my colleagues had to say:

Rob Chuang Product Marketing Manager

As the close working partner with Jeff among GrCN MKT team, Jeff has always been recognized the Productivity king, which I am sure we all learnt a lot! He showed a whole new different expertise this time! I had the honor to join his sharing “Marketing Academy - The Lowdown session” that I was amazed by his presentation skills and narrative built up competence to turn difficult economic theory into easy resonating business examples like CLV or Pricing strategy.

Amanda Chia Associate Product Marketing Manager

I attended one of Jeff's presentations at Google - I was impressed by his engaging storytelling style, delivering a crisp, concise and informative session for all of us. He was fantastic in bringing the audience on a journey through different Marketing concepts, making us rethink what we already know. I thoroughly enjoyed how he applied real life examples to these concepts, which definitely resonated with everyone. Would highly recommend learning from Jeff's sharings, and looking forward to future sessions!