How to: Google Search Like a Pro

tl;dr - My favorite Google Search operator is "intitle:" since it allows me to narrow down my search results so quickly. Next time you're preparing for a presentation try searching for "[your topic] intitle:infographic" You're welcome 😉

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Top 14 Google Search Tips!

My Top 5

Use the "related:" search operator to find similar websites to the one you're searching for.

Try "related:amazon.com"

#2 - Search within a site

This was very helpful to me: "how to get a girl site:quora.com"


#3 - Find sites in different countries/domains

If you want to search for policies/regulations/news for a specific region or country, you can add a "top-level domain country code" along with your site search operator

For example: "vaccine policy site:.fr"

fr = France, de = Germany, full list in this Wikipedia article

#4 - Find specific filetypes

Back in college, "consulting case interviews filetype:pdf" was a godsend

Full list of filetype extensions you can search for here: Google Help Center

#5 - Immediately narrow down your search results

Preparing for a presentation? Try "[topic] intitle:infographic" to find a visual way to present your subject!

Or you can combine this with the "site:" operator to do something like this: "site:bodybuilding.com intitle:diet"

5 is my lucky number so I saved the best for last. Check out the video for more!