❓ Ask Different Questions depending on the Interview Round

❓ Ask Different Questions depending on the Interview Round

"It's my first phone screen with HR, what should I ask about?"

"It's my final round with the managing director I'm SO nervous! What should I talk to her about?!"

"I just passed the first round and have another round with a Senior Consultant next, should I ask him about his day-to-day?"

First of all, glad to see a lot of you are landing and passing interviews, I wonder why 😏 (jk). On a more serious note, I want to highlight the importance of asking the RIGHT questions DEPENDING ON the interview round you're currently in!




💡 Why this matters

In one word? Relevance.

In this oversimplified example, the hiring manager wants to know if the candidate can ramp up fast without much hand-holding. The peer wants to know whether the candidate is dependable and collaborative.

Your questions should therefore address some of these implicit concerns they have. Furthermore, if let's say you ask a senior manager an operational question they don't know how to answer, you risk making them look and feel "stupid" and they may hold that against you.

Hope this helps!


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